According to a study by the Department of Resource Economics and Policy and the Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy at the University of Maine, the Downeast LNG project will bring substantial economic benefits to Washington County and the State of Maine. While Downeast LNG projects that it will create approximately 1,100 jobs during construction and 123 permanent jobs once the terminal facility is operational, the University of Maine researchers determined the total impact of the project, including direct and indirect jobs, would include an additional 1,249 jobs per year statewide during the anticipated three-year construction phase, with $125 million annually in wages and benefits. Once the facility is operational, the total impact would be an additional 213 jobs statewide, with a total of $21.6 million per year in wages and benefits. In both the construction and operation phases of the project, at least 80% of the job openings will be filled by Maine hires, with vast majority of those from Washington County.