economics1Regional Economic Benefits

Downeast LNG’s proposed project will generate and support diverse economic development during its construction and operation. Economic benefits, direct and secondary, will include job creation and increased business spending throughout the construction and operation phases. Secondary economic impacts will be created through the provision of goods and services to the LNG facility and the subsequent increase in employment and business activity necessary to produce these goods and services.

The following economic benefits of the proposed facility are based upon a study done by the Margaret Chase Smith Center at the University of Maine.

Annual Economic Benefits:

Construction Phase (3 years)
Direct local construction employment 1,101 jobs
Secondary employment created 1,249 jobs
Direct and secondary employment payroll $374.8 million (three-year total)
Operation Phase (30 years)
Direct operation employment 123 jobs
Secondary employment created 213 jobs
Direct and secondary employment payroll $21.6 million (per year)

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