Environmental issues are of major interest in energy development projects like Downeast LNG. Our site minimizes environmental concerns because no dredging will be required. There are no endangered species present, and there is limited fishing activity in terms of aquaculture leases, lobster, molluscan and blood worm habitat. The same is true for sea mammal habitat.

While no major impacts have been identified in these additional areas, Downeast LNG is prepared to address any that might occur:

Municipal services – An increase in the provision of services, such as public safety, could result and will be reimbursed by Downeast LNG through its agreement with the Town of Robbinston.

Commercial fisheries – No significant reduction in fishing grounds access is expected, but any loss or damage of fishing gear caused by facility operations would be reimbursed by Downeast LNG.

Recreation and tourism – There may be a potential impact on water-related recreation and tourism very near the project operations, though no substantive impacts are expected on land-based tourism.

Property values – Property values near or immediately adjacent to the facility will most likely be impacted – up and down – and Downeast LNG is prepared to provide compensation to anyone whose property values decrease directly as a result of the project.

Additional information: