Site Selection

Company founder Dean Girdis spent more than a year working to identify supportive and active communities where Downeast LNG could build a state-of-the-art LNG terminal. Downeast LNG evaluated 27 potential sites in New England to find the best possible site in terms of geography, environmental impact and community support. At the same time, the company kept its focus on economic development, remaining committed to a project that would stimulate the local economy and create jobs. In 2005, Robbinston, Maine was chosen as an excellent fit for the project.

When Robbinston was selected as the location, Downeast LNG made a commitment to area residents that it would be completely open with them and would always endeavor to answer each question and address every concern. It’s that approach that resulted in a 227 to 83 vote by the people of Robbinston – nearly three to one – in favor of the project in a town-wide vote in early 2006, making Robbinston the only town in the U.S. to go on record as supporting an LNG terminal and re-gasification facility.

Project Location

Robbinston, Maine is the best land-based location for an LNG Terminal along the eastern seaboard. The project will be built on a large, 80-acre parcel with excellent water access. There are minimal land developments nearby and channel navigation is very good. While the waters near the project regularly accommodate large ships going to U.S. and Canadian ports, there is relatively light marine traffic compared to busy east coast ports.

In addition, the project can easily access Maine and New England markets by connecting to the nearby Maritime & Northeast Pipeline near the U.S./Canadian border.

Additional information:

Town of Robbinston website